07 Dec 2020


By Mohammed Rafi, Managing Director, Master Team Real Estate LLC

Bringing in new tenants requires a lot of time and hard work. It is also expensive apart from time-consuming. If you are vigilant enough to form new tenant, your focus should be more on keeping the existing tenants more happy and satisfied in your property.

Tenants have the ability to make or break your peace of mind. A good and humble tenant will always take care of your property and be cost-effective at the same time. This will automatically take away all your stress.

All you can do is keep them happy and satisfied. You can do this in several ways. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Have a clear picture of the tenancy contract and expectations clear from the start:

You need to be very clear from the beginning. Do not try to hide completely or partially anything related to your property or the agreement. If you think that there are certain things which they should know, you better inform them. Knowing it from someone else will make it harder for them to trust you.

Tenants are not always well informed of what they are expected to do in order to abide by the rules. This is why you should tell them to ask questions if they have something in their mind. On the contrary, you need to clear every single point mentioned in the agreement.

Your tenants are liable to know every crumb of detail that has been mentioned in the agreement and which they need to follow

Give a homely touch to your property with proper repair works done:

One of the main reasons for the tenants to get frustrated from the property is by not getting a homely feel and property repair. Being the owner of the property, it is your responsibility to give them a good property with all the repairs done.

If they make a request to mend something, all you need to do is take their request seriously and repair it as soon as possible. Maintaining a good reputation for quick repair and maintenance will help you get good tenants in future as well.

Focus on timely property inspections:

It is good that you trust your tenants. However, you must always ensure that your property is in good condition. For this, you need to timely inspect your place and make sure that things fall into place. This will also reflect on how well concerned you are about their safety. A kind gesture is very rate and it is always appreciated.

Comprehend your tenant’s privacy:

With routine inspection arrive at the next point. Though you should timely inspect your property, at the same time you should not intervene in their privacy.

Every single person in this world is very concerned about their privacy and personal space. And so are your tenants. You can only visit them at the time of paying rent. But make sure that you are always available for whenever they need it.

Also, you should be in friendly terms with your tenants to help them trust you. In this way, they will respect and care for your property also.

Let your tenants acknowledge the essential rules and regulations:

It is very easy to be forgetful about things in today’s world where you need to be so much involved in your work that you do not get much spare time. That’s why you need to remind your tenants about the rent if they forget to pay on time.

You can also show a kind gesture by sending a notice. You can further understand their issue of not paying on time if it happens once in a blue moon.

You can remove the extra late fee to ease their situation. Good and humble tenants also deserve some favor at times if they have been good to you and paying rent on time since they very beginning.

Be efficient in your work and approach:

Be efficient while carrying out your work which is related to your tenant. Also do not forget to appreciate your tenant’s good behavior by rewarding them.

You can send a gift on their birthday or some sweets and gifts during the festivals. These small things do count and reflect the kind of person that you are.

Respond as soon as possible when it arrives to the maintenance of the property:

When your tenants reach out to you for any kind of management related to property, they expect you to respond quickly. Hence, you should give them a visit and help out with their concern.

If you are not available, you can send members of your team to help them out. All in all, their concern shouldn’t go unheard. Make sure that you revert back within 24 hours.


Happy tenants are rare to find and difficult to maintain. The best thing which you can do is by creating a positive and friendly relation with your tenants. The positivity needs to be entertained since the beginning.

With the best property management services, we aim to create a healthy living for the owner and the tenants. This will wave off the entire extra burden from your head and help you stay relaxed.

In case you need extra management regarding your property or struggling hard to keep your tenants happy, we will feel more than elated to help you out. Be free to read out to us today and get your concern solved.


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