07 Dec 2020


By Mohammed Rafi, Managing Director, Master Team Real Estate LLC

When looking out for property to rent, there are several factors you need to keep in mind when targeting the right one. Your preferences should guide you in this case, where keenness is also called for.

Below are some of the factors you need to consider when out looking for a rental unit:

Rental prices:

The rental price is one of the critical attributes you need to know about the property you have in mind. You should look at the affordability and value with more focus on your proposed budget. The targeted rental unit should be within your financial limit so that you won’t push yourself so hard when it comes to clearing your arrears.

If it is for business purposes, your earnings should be able to sort the rent while remaining with extra cash to support you. Aside from the rent, pay attention to bills such as electricity, water, internet connection, and many more.


Location is another attribute to look at, where the focus lies on accessibility. The property you are seeking should be easily accessible, where you save on commuting costs.

When it comes to business premises, the location will look at factors such as infrastructure and market. These two are critical areas that determine the bearing of your business.


Also, focus on the security of the area you are seeking your rental units. You need a semblance of safety for you to live comfortably. Look at the reputation of the area and the build of the housing unit to get a hint of how secure it is.

The management of the unit:

The management of the unit is also vital, where you pay attention to how the affairs of the houses are run and who is in charge. An effective management system is always available to sort out any issues you have. The management should also be in charge of rent collection, repair, and maintenance of the various installations within.


Spaciousness is another factor you need to consider, especially if you have a family. Look at the living room’s space, the number of bedrooms, and the state of the washroom, among many others. The house should be able accommodate all of you comfortably. If you have children, you should look at the size of your backyard, where they can play.

Available amenities:

There’s should be essential amenities around the property interesting you. Some of the facilities include a playground, shopping centers, a local authority office and many more. With such facilities, you are sure to reside comfortably, knowing your basic needs are easily accessible.


Looking for a place to rent should be a smooth process, especially where you know what you are after. This article comes to your aid by showing you the factors to look at when seeking a rental property.

The place needs to conducive to allow you to conduct your affair in peace. Pay attention to crucial factors such as the rental prices, where it should be within your budget range. The highlighted factors will guide you to the right rental unit.


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