07 Dec 2020


By Mohammed Rafi, Managing Director, Master Team Real Estate LLC

According to surveys conducted by most agencies in UAE dealing with real estate, over 80% of tenants prefer renting through professional letting agents as compared to only 20% who prefer the landlord-tenant relationship. These statistics are clear evidence of the reality that renting through an agent is better preferred by many tenants across the world. Consequently, if you are a tenant, about to rent a property but who has difficulty figuring out which way to go, perhaps the popular way chosen by many other similar tenants will be the best.

Not only tenants will get to benefit when properties are managed by trained professional agents, but also Landlords. So whether you are a Landlord having properties you desire to let out, or a tenant in search of a property to rent, the best practice remains to get the service of a reliable and reputable property management agency. Through this, both landlords and tenants get to benefit from the following:

Available 24/7:

Statistics from surveys relating to real estate property management have shown that tenancy relationships where tenants deal directly with landlords are often technically complicated, with numerous setbacks given the fact that most landlords are usually not always very available. As such, tenant’s needs ranging from basic to major repairs, desiring urgent and immediate attention are usually time-delayed unnecessarily. This has the effect of causing great distress and extra expenses to tenants. Conversely, reliable and secured property management agencies are always available, ensuring that abrupt needs of repairs and other related concerns of tenants are fully addressed using a timely and professional approach. Such a platform therefore securely ensures that tenants are more comfortable in their tenancy.

Little or no interference:

After successfully renting a house, no tenant will be comfortable being bothered every now and then by unscheduled maintenance or other related interference. Most property management agencies are trained and guided by a professional code of conduct in their relationships with tenants. Hence, most agencies fully adhere to the terms of the contract strictly relating to the use of the property which guarantees the tenant’s right to privacy and the peaceful enjoyment of his rented premise. In case of any unscheduled maintenance service, then such will be well communicated in advance.

Proper, timely and effective maintenance:

Such a rental platform is reasonably preferred because the maintenance of the property rests exclusively in the hands of a well-trained and qualified property management agency who ensures that the property is routinely checked and properly renovated before a tenant’s entry, and also guarantees continual maintenance during the tenant’s stay in the property. Even if you’re a landlord, the stress of ensuring that your property always attracts the attention of tenants is always not your business. Get the right property management service, chill, relax, and smile. Yeah! Smile because your property will always be properly managed.

Flexibility in the services offered:

Renting through an agency ensures better protection of tenants’ interest in the tenancy. A single landlord may not properly serve all the tenants to their desired satisfaction in as much as they offer a one on one touch with their tenants. On the other hand, a property management agency usually has its disposal other staff that properly meet the concerns of tenants.

Quick response time:

Renting through a property management agency is more convenient due to its relatively short and user-friendly response time. Instances often arise where tenants might need information concerning the property they are about to rent or may desire some clarifications relating nto the terms of their tenancy contract before or during their tenancy, property management services as against individual landlords are better preferred due to their average inspiring response time.

Help tenants and landlords easily locate and advertise available properties, respectively:

The question of choice is often very important whenever tenants are seeking to acquire or rent a new house. Since most agents have a variety of properties under their management at any particular time, renting or having your lease contracts concluded through a proper property management agency, makes it easier for you to get exactly a property that fits your desire since there is often a variety of property to choose from. Also, the task of locating such a property rest entirely on the part of the agency.

No landlord will ever benefit or make a profit out of vacant houses. Hence, getting a proper real estate management agency remains the best and secure guarantee system to ensure that your property is ethically advertised to potential tenants.


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